The Circuit Group

The challenge today involved a new venture; my physio had referred me to an exercise group and my outfit needed to adapt to this entirely new venture.

I can honestly say that I have never set foot in a gym before. Not a proper one – secondary school gyms with the climbing frame against the wall and the netball/basketball/tennis court lines printed onto the rubbery floors do not count as ‘gyms’. What’s more, since I left school I have had little time or need for things like tracksuit bottoms and trainers.

wiwt5When it comes to exercising certain things need to be taken into account:

  • Likelihood of exposing myself if I have to bend forwards, i.e. no low-cut tops.
  • Likelihood of having to crouch and expose my biggest body hate (bum!), i.e. long-line tops preferable.
  • Necessity for ‘appropriate’ footwear.

I wisely opted out of my usual physio vest, which would have given everyone a good look straight down my cleavage during the exercises, and teamed a pair of Rocketdogs with the outfit. Although trainers make me clumsy and uncomfortable, for the first class, I erred on the side of caution.

The trainers were promptly replaced by my new favourite purchase – gorgeous tan heeled boots from Topshop.

At £75 my bank account could have done without them, but they’ve been a worthy investment for the Autumn. In my pre-cycling days I lived in heels and the trade to pedal-friendly flats has been killing my feet all Summer. Now that I’ve learnt to keep my balance and kick off, however, I can experiment with more impractical footwear…

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