Big skirt, big pocket

I struggle with skirts. It’s something to do with the added wiwt4pressure to choose a top and then co-ordinate everything with not just one but two garments.

This particular skirt was one of my impulse buys… you know the ones I mean. The sort of buy where you love the item – whatever it might be, and however irrational that love is – to the point where I actually justify coughing up silly amounts of money just so that you can claim it as your own.
I had finally allowed myself to enter the Irregular Choice shop on Carnaby Street under the pretext of wanting one of their utterly cute tote bags after weeks of lusting after them every time I saw one on someone’s shoulder around the West End. I saw the skirt and immediately fell in love with all forty-five pounds of it, from the glittery sheen of the houndstooth to the huge pocket on the front.

The shoes are adorable but, wow, the soles were shiny! My feet were slipping off the pedals as I came into work, but that’s nothing that a bit of scuffing shouldn’t fix. They are low heeled courts from New Look, and I’m desperate to experiment some more with them!


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