Firetrap indulgence.


There’s something about the combined effect of the cardigan, ankle boots and hat/scarf that make me feel like I’m in another era. Today’s flowing dress is a bonus, not only because the slight rustling of fabric simply adds to the effect, but because I’m fairly sure that not-so-long-ago I was unable to get in it comfortably.

Perhaps the cycling is actually having an effect.

wiwt2There are a few details that must be shared from the construction of this outfit. Firstly, the boots. Oh, the boots. How is it that such joy can be derived from so small a thing? The boots are just sumptuous. Something about them almost makes me sigh. I got them last Winter in Office, barely justifying the expense to myself. At £95, I should probably feel more guilty for cycling in them, but I can’t help but enjoy the sight of them on my feet, pedaling or otherwise.

I also very much adore the Disney wiwt3Couture necklace below, purchased from ASOS over the summer…. on sale, of course. It says “The fairest of them all”, and has a shiny red Snow White apple. Yellow-gold is my new accessory of choice. Call me tacky, but I can’t help myself.

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