Lazy boots

My first post to thehighstreet.

wiwtMy new boots are another ode to my love of Irregular Choice…. I got them on ebay and they didn’t come with the box, which is a shame seeing as half of the fun of IC is the lovely boxes that they come in: not only are they beautifully decorated, but they’re more like drawers than shoe boxes, so you can pile them up and get your clogs on without having to lift them out. It’s sad that I get such enjoyment from something like that, but I suppose that this is part of what fuels my addiction to things. With Irregular Choice you don’t just get a shoe, it’s a miniature work of art, from the designs on the sole, to the shoe itself, and even the box that it comes in.

After three days on the trot in my Firetrap boots, my feet were beginning to protest, particularly after I had to endure several hours on Oxford Street in heels, so a days respite was due. For the brief family reunion with my Spanish cousins, I did the usual last-minute outfit panic and ended up throwing on my tried and tested plaid and jeggings combo, digging out my lucious Muu:Baa faux-fur coat (ASOS sale last year) to brace against the wind. Turn out that cycling in fur can get very toasty. It also turns out that my basket isn’t big enough to cope with both a coat and my handbag, so I ended up having to strap it all in with the ribbons I’d put on the basket for handles, and keeping an eye on the overflowing pile as I scooted across Waterloo Bridge.

propert of Just.Sooz
I invested in some earmuffs today for those occasions where a hat is not called for but I don’t want my ears to freeze off. Next step: long fingerless mittens. The sort with the flap over mitt that buttons back…. the search is on!

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