Resin flowers.

wiwt1 wiwt2

This is me looking pretty rough, the first after a day at work and the cycle home, the second is me looking like hell at an ungodly hour of the morning on my way to the physio Circuit Group after pulling an all-nighter online.

Tuesday was a bleak grey, and I couldn’t help but pull my brightest dress out of the wardrobe, a lovely flowered strapless from Dorothy Perkins which I picked up on sale that day a few months ago when it rained like a London monsoon. I got drenched on the way into work and naturally had to buy myself something new to change in to.
…I love my pink HI-VIS, it’s so indulgent.

For this week’s exercise group I opted for UNI QLO jeggings (the cheapest I’ve found yet) and my deliciously comfortable ballet pumps from Freed.

The Freed boutique, found on the corner of Saint Martin’s Lane, caters to London’s dancers, making everything from jazz shoes to leotards and will often be cited in the back of theatre programmes. I stumbled upon it before I knew this, after seeing a pair of their shoes on the feet of a friend… I’m now on my third pair. Each shoe is fitted specifically to you, and as proper ballet pumps, they are soft, comfortable, and adjustable. Perfect.

wiwt3This was love at first sight. Accessorize, £8.

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