The comfort heel.

I read an interesting article on The Guardian website, called “Real women wear flat shoes”. It makes a good read, even though I don’t totally agree with the concept, primarily because flat shoes have risks of their own, as the contradictory piece, also on The Guardian demonstrates. I get pains in my feet and calves when I wear flats for too long, so am on a constant mission to enlarge my collection of “comfortable heels”.

comfort heelEvery season, Office redesign what is basically the same shoe. I’ve seen various incarnations on the high street, including different colours of my own version. This is my favourite update on the style, which is distinctive because of the chunky curved heel and rounded toe. This version has ruffles, mine are mix of  plain/snakeskin textures in red, and my old boss had a green patterned pair.

Go on the Office website and you will see that they have somehow made themselves the masters of the low heel. Of course, low doesn’t always mean comfortable, as my gorgeous Irregular Choice heels demonstrate (but my goodness, they’re fabulous). The best tactic is just to try them all on, and when a success is found, buy buy buy – in every colour, and twice for the favourite. You’ll regret not doing it when the first pair wears out…

I’m currently lusting after Miss L Fire’s Renaissance in emerald or violet. Or red. Maybe even the black.

comfort heel….want.

The benefit of comfortable heels is that they’re the best to cycle in – the chunky heel is less likely to loosen if you tend to pedal on the arch rather than the toe. Damaging your heels is a big no no, after all, as Linda Grant said in the article above, “Fashion has given us shoes as decorative objects, not footwear.” If a shoe were nothing more, we wouldn’t get such a rush from them. Round toes are less likely to snag, either on the road (an unpleasant sensation), or on the pedal itself. Plus I always felt that subtle points are infinitely more stylish than long ‘jester’ points…


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