Things that irritate me when I’m cycling…

  • Pedestrians who walk on the road / don’t look before crossing / look the other way when crossing (are we in France?!)
  • Buses that overtake me only to pull in at a bus stop mere feet ahead.

…other things too, but I’m too tired to be crabby any more.

I got an email from TFL about Boris’ plans to help promote and encourage cycling/cyclists. At the end of the email there was a prompt to reply and give an opinion, so I wrote back saying that the HGV cycle awareness training courses should be extended to bus and taxi drivers too. Buses are far more dangerous than HGVs, not only because we encounter them more frequently, but also because I don’t think they actually realise how much bigger they are! Comfortably cooped up in the cabin of a double decker, I often have to go to more lengths than i should need to to make my presence felt. Mark my territory as it were.

Maybe replying to this email is why I can’t remember all the things that bothered me on the ride home tonight – I’m all whinged out.


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