Puss in boots. .

Following a full week off the bike and on cosy buses due to flu, I’m back on my pedals, and last night I felt the full force of the Autumn frost for the first time. Needless to say, I have made certain adjustments today, the most effective being my experiment to see if my earmuffs fit under my helmet. They do. This pleases me. Not only do they protect my ears from the chill, but they also seem to have broken the current that last night cut against my face on the way home as I thought about hot water bottles and chunky cable jumpers.

I will also need to invest in some more knitted long gloves/arm-warmers, my grey H&M ones have been a godsend.

Earmuffs, Monsoon, £16.

I almost bought a cape from ebay to cycle in but the seller wouldn’t put up a photo of it on and I really do need to know exactly how it fits because I don’t want to end up with an arms out cape. That wouldn’t keep the cold out very well and I’d never be able to get my HI-vis over the top of it. It’s a shame because it looks fabulous, but I don’t want to keep filling my wardrobe with clutter clothes. I like the look of this one from Cyclodelic @ Cyclechic too, especially the “Reflective detailing”, whatever that means. Even I can’t justify spending £230 on a maybe though.


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