Rain , drizzle, flood. .

I may look like a jokey without a horse, but I love my Bern helmet. I went to the CycleChic headoffice because I wanted to have it fitted rather than buying online, so I would be sure to get the right size, it’s great that they offer this service, all you have to do is email to ask.
Having first written to Bern to ask about stickers compromising the strength of the helmet because I’d been warned off putting any on, I’ve added some Irregular Choice stickers, and some reflective flowers that I got from ebay. I’m also rather pleased with the discovery that my earmuffs fit neatly under the helmet. On their website, Bern actually offer ‘winter’ type helmets with inbuilt ear covers. I hadn’t understood the need for these until recently when it suddenly turned icy.
helmet3helmet4   helmet2helmet1
property of Just.Sooz

It turns out that cycling in the rain can get pretty wet. Seems like an obvious statement to make, but what wasn’t obvious to me was that I was almost completely dry other than the front of my dress around the knees that got soaked through. I had expected to have a wet patch on my back, from the rear wheel’s splashback, so when the rain evidenced mostly on the front it took my by surprise. I have now written again to the ebay seller about that cape, because seeing as it didn’t sell, I might as well ask all my questions about it. I think that a cape might be the right way to go – It would sweep right over my knees. My mental image is of my head poking out of it like from a teepee on a bicycle. Probably inaccurate, but amusing.


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