Henry, Cameron, and coming soon..

henryHenry and I go home from work.

I just did a bad thing. I may have just bought a bike on ebay…
It’s a Raleigh Traveller Ladies’ in a lovely blue hue, and I won it for under a hundred pounds including delivery. Very pleased. I’m not sure that my mother will be quite as pleased with my continued spending, but it’s so much fun to have new things! I’ve been thinking of painting my bike a metallic purple, but I had my heart set on a Pashley Poppy in Pastel Blue. The other option was to stake a claim on the vintage beauty pictured below, which has been abandoned substage at Drury Lane since The Lord of the Rings was in. It’s in pretty bad condition, but I’d already named it Cameron (my bike is called Henry) as apparently Cameron Mackintosh had been tinkering with it during the Oliver! tech. i may salvage it yet, but as I wouldn’t know where to even start when restoring a bike, I’d probably have to pay up to get someone to do it for me.


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