The specials. .

The latest addition to my Tatty Devine collection came in the post this morning: Swing Girl. I love special brands like Irrgular Choice and Tatty Devine because they’re just that: special. Coming across one of their products on people is like meeting somebody else who’s in on the secret. I’m biding my time until I can allow myself to buy the Tatty Devine Dinosaur Necklace.

property of Just.Sooz property of Just.SoozwiwtLeft: boots Irregular Choice, necklace Tatty Devine, both via ebay.

My mother was giving me a lift home the other day when a cyclist rode up alongside us and she commented that she doesn’t like cyclists because they’re “like having a pebble in your shoe – they just get in the way”. I was a bit nonplussed by this because seeing as that cyclist could well have been me, I figured she might have acquired a hint of empathy towards our kind. The roads are dangerous enough without us being cast as nuisances. I’ve taken to making use of the shared ‘cycle friendly’ pavements near my house rather than hazarding the roundabout because people can be seriously irrational once they get behind the wheel of a metal death machine.

With the darkness steadily consuming the days, I’ve invested in some more lights for my bike, from ebay again, of course, and so far they seem to be working well enough, with these two shining ahead of me, there’s a much diminished chance that dozey drivers or other cyclists will be driving into me from in front now.

knog bike light
Knog 2 LEDlight with various settings and elastic attachment & Mercury 9 LED light on 360* rotating fitting.

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