Flying, Fly and Henry. .

My gorgeous new bicycle arrived in the post today while I was at work. She’s a 1978 Raleigh Traveller, purchased from ebay, and named Fly following my day of work experience on the fly floor of our theatre.

fly4 fly3 fly2 fly1
Fly the Raleigh Traveller Ladies’ traditional Dutch style 1978 bike.

After having such a good day, I set straight to work, and although I did have to wear my fingers raw over the various nuts and bolts. Trying to get the wheel back into its forks alone took a good hour and some. As it turns out, last night when I attempted to cycle to work, I discovered that the saddle was not set at a comfortable seat to handlebars ratio, so after many attempts to adjust it, I had to give up and get a bus because I’d already moved all of my light fittings so that if I’d used my old bike Henry, I’d have had to pedal all the way in the dark. Not that it’s so dark on the way in, I’m definitely finding myself becoming more safety-aware.

This is a very interesting story that was posted onto one of the cycle communites I follow: 120 days for shooting a cyclist in the head. It really puts us back into our place in the world.

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