Counting layers. .

Junior brought us mulled wine at work today! The three of us poured out a mug each and greeted the party season out on the roof together with some smokes to sweeten the deal, just perfect. The London Eye, the BT tower and Centre Point are all lit up in red today, presumably for AIDS day. Last night I peeked outside to find that they eye was in spinning Union Jack colours!

As the cold begins to really set in, I find myself struggling to balance how many layers I can wear and how many layers I will actually get away with on the bike seeing as I get very hot very easily. The good thing is that I have attached a second basket to my new bike, Fly, meaning that I can now take excess layers off as necessary without having to worry about them flying out of my basket where they have been forced into the corners around my handbag and tied around the handlebars. Definitely much more convenient.

wiwt1 wiwt2
Blue trench from ASOS. Layer count: dress, jumper, cardigan, coat: x4.

wiwt3property of Just.Sooz wiwt3
Left: Skirt, H&M. Layers: T-shirt, cardigan, jumper, blazer: x4.
Right: The day-wear version.

I’ve opted for jeans rather than jeggings today to retain a bit of extra heat on my legs. I should probably say that I don’t like jeans. I don’t like the heaviness of them or the way that they restrict my legs. I’m reminded of a quote from Harry Potter where someone comments about liking to have a “healthy breeze”, I suspect it may have been Ludo Bagman… Anyway, for someone who so rarely wears jeans, I actually have quite a comprehensive selection at home for days like today when the call of denim is strong enough to be heeded. It seemed to work, as far as the cold goes, and matched with my granddad woolly cardigan, I was actually pretty cosy. The main problem, however, is that even with the addition of a scarf, nothing can ever truly seal the cold out from a neckline. Short of wearing cardigans backwards, (which I did when I first got back on my bike after the flu – it was very uncomfortable as the cut at the back was too high so it was a little like being strangled by an excess of knitwear), The only solutions that come to mind involve the unseemly thermal jackets in my recently delivered Evans Cycles catalogue.

property of Just.Sooz
T-shirt from Threadless: “You got some splainin’ to do!”
Name necklace: Tatty Devine.
Shoes: Irregular Choice @ Schuh (on sale!)
Skirt: H&M, belt came with it.

name4 wiwt4

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