Stage, capes and buying in pairs.

My favourite boots have holes in the bottom. I bought them from ASOS three or four years ago in the sale, and promptly wore them to death. The front of the soles peeled back to form huge gaping grins, or lolling tongues, that caused them to be stashed away in a box under my bed for over a year because I couldn’t bear to part with them. Eventually I took them to my local cobbler, who has a display in the window with sad looking shoes in “before and after” stages, with the slogan“Yes, we do work miracles” underneath. When I got them back it was somewhat disappointing and rather short of miraculous, but they’ve been given a second chance at life and I’ll just have to invest in plenty of extra strong superglue. The worst thing is that the boots were available for a long time, and I resisted getting a second pair because it seemed ridiculous at the time.
Needless to say, lesson learned, nowadays if I realise that something is loved I go back and get a spare before they sell out. Or trawl ebay for it, like I did with my lovely metallic topshop t-bar pumps. This time I’ll be prepared!

wiwt1 wiwt2
Left: Long top from New Look; Pearls, Primark. Layer count: top, cardigan, blazer, cape: x4.
Right: Dress, Laura Lees own brand. Layer count: dress, cardigan, cape: x3.

wiwt3 wiwt4
Jumper from H&M, ASDA necklace. Layer count: dress, jumper, blazer, cape: x4.

I finally committed to a cape, grudgingly adding this one to my cart whilst still wishing for the tweed or duffel versions (too expensive / sold out respectively). The benefit of this one is that I can thread my hi-vis sash through over the belt that comes with it. It’s super warm and I feel very extravagant in it. Plus it turns out that I don’t need to lift the whole thing up to get my arms out, which had been my main worry given that it would negate the whole point of wearing it if I couldn’t reach the handlebars without pulling the cape up. I’m gutted that it doesn’t have a hood though, but, that said, I like it very much on the whole. It does, after all have pockets, which, to me, will always constitute a win.

oliver!End of the curtain calls: Oliver cast 2008-2009.

INC. Gwion Jones as Oliver, Omid Djalili as Fagin, Jodie Prenger as Nancy, Julian Bleach as Mr Sowerberry,
Steven Hartley as Bill Sykes, Louise Gold as Mrs Sowerberry, & Julian Glover as Mr Brownlow.

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