how do you measure, measure a year?

I love my camera. I bought it on a whim at Jessops last year at some point, and I love it. I take it everywhere with me: you never know when you’ll want to document something! Being behind the camera, of course, means that you’re rarely actually in the photos! I stole this meme from  , and have spent a large portion of tonight trying to find photos for it on facebook for each month. It’s strange how some months can be so picture heavy and others are the total opposite.

Anyway, here it is, my year in pictures. .

year2 year3
With my last housemate Joe – I look crazy happy about the snow, very much not like me!
Sat on Bill Bailey’s armchair with Mark, my Spamalot kind-of-colleague. My friend is dept lx at the theatre Tinselworm was on at so we got to have a little wander about before the show!

year5 year
Wasting time on my last shift as a sales assistant at Charbonnel et Walker. By the time I left the management had changed and they were pretty lax with uniform. I always wore legwarmers on my arms though because they kept me warm when we had to do samples.
With my little Irish friend Paula who I worked at Dirty Dancing with! We’re trapped in the microwave! Amazing girly sleepover.

Gala night party after officially opening Priscilla Queen of the Desert. L-R: Richard, me, Hayley & Suzie.
Hanging about in the crew room at the Palace.

year6 year8
Mini reunion held at the Players, of course, of old Footloose staff when Hannah came back from Ireland for a visit! L-R: Me, Marc’s bf, Marc & Hannah.
Birthday drinks at Roadhouse. L-R: The back of Helen’s head, Matt, me, work-experience girl, Natalie.

hivis year3
Arriving at the Nell, our local, after the show. I hadn’t had my bike long and was struggling with how to dress for it. The yellow hi-vis and ugly helmet were the first things to go. And the lovely Babycham tennis shoes that are just out of shot have not been worn since I discovered that pumps and heels pedal just as well.
Family dinner at Tas. L-R: Giselle (Spanish cousin), Tania (French cousin), Mother, me, Zindy (Spanish aunt).

year2 year
West End Live 2009, Helen and I went between present and the show on Saturday afternoon.
Eating ice cream spaghetti at my favourite parlour on Charing Cross Road/Garrick Street.

year year7
With my housemate and colleague at my old Sunday job as a sales assistant for Hope & Greenwood (amazing 1960s sweetshop conveniently located across the road from Drury Lane).
Hyde Park Lido. L-R: Carrie, Danar & me.

year3 year1
My temps took me out for a drink after the office for my birthday. I work as a ‘Summer Recruitment supervisor’ for LSBU’s university Clearing, for 2 months every summer then have to rush up to do a show at the theatre in the evening too. L-R: Me, Rajiv & Aman.
Posing between the Sphinx’s claws on Embankment.

year2 year4
In the spot box at the Palace.
Acting as a mic-stand when ours failed to turn up! I was runner and assisting location manager for the Waterloo post of the ‘Rhythm of London’ event run by the Mayor.

year1 year2
Mine and Leah’s last day at the Palace before I transferred to Drury Lane and she went on maternity leave. L-R: Ben, Richard, Helen, Suzie, Leah & me.
A quick drink on the steps of Drury Lane before heading up for the Dead Famous halloween party. L-R: Paul (Helen’s bf), Helen my housemate, me & Jenna.

year1 year1
Playing with shadows on the roof of Drury Lane on a matinee day – I get ridiculously excited when I get into work and the sun’s still out even if it IS still early afternoon.
Still on the roof, with my new Tatty Devine ‘Swing Girl’ necklace.

year3 year2DECEMBER:
It started snowing so I thought I should take a picture of myself in it to send to my aunt in Venezuela. I don’t like snow, it’s not pretty anywhere near long enough to make up for the inconvenience.
At the Really Useful Group xmas party with Suzie and Ben. And a girl from Phantom’s arm. RJ? KJ? Something like that.

And here’s a gratuitous cat photo, including Chesney, GPC, and the neighbour’s black bully.

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