New & Old but mostly new. .

property of Just.Sooz
Check out the Tatty Devine sale for amazing bling at half price,
including glittery Flying Fawns and the Trapeze Artists necklaces!

The seasonal sales fun has been so good that I got a call from my bank last week asking me if I still had my card and confirming that the online spending was really my own. It crossed my mind that I should deny it, but then reality stuck and I thought that’d be silly.

As it is, however, I’ve been having fun constructing outfits that are 90% new.

 property of Just.Sooz wiwt wiwt3
NEW: Owl print dress, Joy £10. Suede studded boots, charcoal scarf, oversided jumper, all ASOS. Gold cookoo clock necklace.
OLD: Urban Outfitters. Gold ‘fairest of them all’ necklace, Disney Couture at ASOS. Faux fur coat, last year, Muu:Baa at ASOS.
NEW: Printed dress, £10 in the sale, Joy. Blue knee high boots, Primark.
OLD: And the Legendary Topshop grandad cardigan, of course. Knitted outmeal scarf, Accessorize.

It occurs to me that ‘old’, is a bit of a stretch as most of these are still less than a year old.


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