how to…

…cycle at minus degrees.

Believe it or not, so long as you don’t try to brake in a hurry,  it’s actually a lot easier to cycle on an icy road than it is to walk on it. So here are a few observations from a cycle newb facing her first winter on London’s roads.

  • It has never been more important to watch the floor, watch out for icy ridges, slushy puddles and other hazards.
  • If braking, be prepared to jump out of the way as your bicycle skids away beneath you!
  • Thick snow turns to ice if allowed to, as will anything imprinted into it, making nasty ridges worth avoiding.
  • The centre of the road gets more use so is less likely to be icy than the gutter.
  • Drivers tend to become stupid when faced with weather so treat them with extra caution and don’t be afraid to mark your territory on the centre of the road – their impatience is not worth your safety.
  • When it comes to keeping warm, nothing’s warmer than (faux) fur!
  • Better safe than sorry, always carry an Oyster Card/travel money, and know when the weather has you beaten!

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