the comfort heel and the rest. .

I got my lovely Miss L Fire Renaissance shoes in the post from Office only to discover that my age-old problem has not entirely disappeared: sometimes shoes that should fit perfectly end up loose around the heel, meaning that there’s always a risk that they’ll fall off. Majorly irritating. Especially as I’ve been lusting after these shoes for ages (check out “The Comfort Heel” post back in October).
Anyway, the shoes aren’t perfect, and as I’m supposed to be saving money I’m going to have to get rid of either selling them on (unlikely?) or back to Office…. If anyone’s interested, have a look at TSUK.On another note, here are some more amazing new accessories.

1wiwt wiwt
T-bar pumps, UO sale. Star bangle, Les Nereides sale.
tatty devine
Trapeze artists necklace in glittery acrylic, Tatty Devine sale.


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