Peep toes for the winter brave. .

These new (old!) peep-toes were a mere £5.75 from a local charity shop: and I’d only gone to try them on for a joke! Little did I know just how fabulous they truly were. Why is it that people don’t make decent (read: attractive) mid-heels any more? Nowadays, if a girl wants to go mid, she needs to either hunt hunt hunt until she’s almost lost the will to live, or settle for a kitten heel. Ack.

Anyway, my second attempt at Le Sac was far less exciting than the first – I didn’t want to go for the halterneck option, so ended up with the “Classic” style which makes you look like a sack of potatoes until you’ve tied a belt around the middle. I’m not sure if this is entirely flattering (HELLO boobage), but I gave it a try and I’m thinking that this is, after all, more of a summer dress than a winter one. Watch this space.

property of Just.Sooz wiwt wiwt2
Peeptoes from charity shop. Olive wool tights, H&M. Gold studded belt, ASOS.

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