Lets get personal. .

Ever since Carrie first showed off her name necklace in Sex and the City, we’ve been a world enthralled. Remember that scene where she thought she’d lost it forever? Did you feel an irrational sense of tragedy/anxiety about this?
I may only speak for myself when I say that there’s something distinctly covet-able about what has since come to be known as the ‘Carrie necklace’. I find myself naturally drawn to things that are a bit different, slightly more unique (even though it’s quite often mass produced anyway!), thus my love for brands like Tatty Devine and Irregular Choice. It’s like a secret that you get to show off. Miniature bits of artwork that you can wear.

With a name necklace there’s always the risk that some boozy chav on a night out will end up addressing you, hoping to impress you with his ability to read, but then, that may be a risk that you’ll be willing to take.

name1  name2 name3  name4
1. Acrylic “Susanna” in matte gold with star charm in Holiday font (discontinued font) from Tatty Devine, now £27.50.
(Worn with Large Birdcage with Bird in gold and turquoise from
Sunday Girl Accessories £10 – name necklaces also available from £12)
2. Acrylic “Just.Sooz”necklace in Rock Kitty from the now discontinued line on LLROK.
3. Sterling silver “Sooz” from
mynamenecklace.co.uk £24.95.
4. Acrylic “Sooz” in maroon with star charm in Holiday font (discontinued font) from Tatty Devine, now £27.50.

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