Luggage issues. .

With Spring well on its way in, and a hint of Summer almost tangible but still out of reach, I thought it was about time that we evaluate our “cycle luggage”. The traditional method for carrying your belongings from A to B, and my personal favourite, is to just pop my usual handbag into my basket. Fly also has a rear basket where I can keep my coat on the way into work, ready for the cooler evening air on the way home.
David Hembrow makes some beautiful bespoke cycle baskets in different shapes and sizes, with a selection of differently coloured willows, and with attachments to suit. The basic D-shaped two-tone front basket is pictured below.
Panniers are another great way to carry things, and often come with reflective strips or similar cycle-friendly ideas.
Cyclechic’s handbag carrier is perfect for anyone who wants to stick to a smaller purse without the basket, and their vintage style blue tartan box bag (pictured below), which attaches to your rear rack with some nifty adjustable straps, is water resistant and also available in black, win!


Bicycle baskets and Panniers

If you’d prefer to avoid investing in a basket, the best way to know that your make-up won’t be spilling across the street as you go over a speed bump, is to pack it all into a backpack.
I tend to steer clear of backpacks as they don’t keep my back as cool as I’d like, but they’re a staple when I head to the supermarket and need to know I can carry everything home!

Cath Kidston have a great set of waterproof bags in two sizes which are a safe bet until we get past the Spring showers. Or if you’re feeling a bit more flush, pick up a “Batchel” from The Cambridge Satchel Company (the purple one is pictured here), and just thread half of the strap through the carrier to create two arm loops, then sling it over like a normal backpack.

Who said that backpacks need to be bulky and black?!

Spring backpacks for the prepared cyclist



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