What Boris has to say for himself. .

So I have spent the better part of this morning reading the Mayor of London and TFL’s new cycling manifesto, entitled Cycling Revolution London”. And I have come to the conclusion that out of the 90 pages that I have pored through, only the first five or so were actually informative, whilst the rest were just repetitions and elaborations. I don’t generally read political documents or plans, so perhaps they’re all like this?

The key points for any London dwellers, are as follows:

  • Cycle Super Highways, to allow inner/outer London commuters to travel into the city in relative safety. These would be defined by the blue lane to contrast with the standard green cycle lane.
  • London Cycle Hire Scheme with prices starting at £1 for a 30 minute bike hire.
  • Cycle safety training, plus the possibility of putting in place a cycle code and punishment for road recklessness.
  • Additional cycle parking throughout London.
  • Work with the Met Police to reduce bike theft. Possibly a designated police group and a drafted “Cycle Security Plan” in the works.
  • “Biking Boroughs”, which I think just means areas with lots of cyclists making short journeys instead of driving 0_o
  • Work and school schemes to encourage cycling. This includes installing showers, parking facilities and providing safety training.

I am particularly please to hear about:

  • “Big bus little bike” training which aims to make bus drivers more aware of cyclists. This is a video that is shown both in initial training and in refresher courses taken once a year.
  • Continued route improvements – roads covered with pot-holes are extremely dangerous at rush hour, and in the last year, almost my entire route between home and work has been repaved with beautiful new tarmac including Waterloo Bridge. Other busier roads like New Kent Road and around Elephant and Castle have had considerable work done both on the street and also with the addition and extension of shared pavement cycle routes.
  • Additional secure cycle parking at rail and bus stations in outer London. It’s not something that I’ll benefit from, but it seems like an obvious improvement.
  • An “Exchanging Places” monthly event to encourage cyclists and HGV drivers to step into each others’ shoes and increase safety awareness for both.

On a side note, apparently 2010 is the year of the bicycle. Who knew.


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