Put a lid on it. .

The debate surrounding cycle helmets is an endless ones, with each side at times taking an almost militant approach towards the ‘education’ of the opposition. Personally, I own two helmets (a Specialized Max 2010 Helmet in white, and a Bern Muse EPS in deep purple see my entry here), but rarely wear either simply because the first part of me to get hot when I’m cycling even, without a helmet, is my head, so I go to a lot of effort to keep my head and face as cool as possible.

Although most people tend to shudder at the thought of cycling in London, thanks to cycle-friendly provisions like improved routes, cycle training, awareness raising advertising, and the free TFL Cycle Guides (a selection of 14 area maps featuring official TFL cycle routes, quieter streets recommended by other cyclists, shared pedestrian/bicycle pavements, greenways, and marking which stations have parking available) cycling is steadily becoming much safer and more accessible for beginners. My route is 80% quiet back streets, with the final section across Waterloo Bridge being the only place where I really encounter any traffic.

When buying a helmet not everyone knows just how much selection there really is: those who don’t want to subscribe to the lycra style don’t need to wear a clashing helmet any more. Here are just a few examples currently available online.

Yakkay blurs the lines between accessory and safety by creating a basic helmet to which one of a selection of four styles of cover can then be added, transforming it from just a helmet into a hat of cap. In the last year, Evans Cycles has been making leaps towards catering for the chic cyclist, and now stocks both Yakkay and Bern helmets, which can also be found at Cyclechic.


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