how to…

… rock a maxi dress on a bicycle.

Summer has been all about maxi dresses and maxi skirts, which is all good enough until you try to pedal off into the sunset and your flowing skirt gets tangled in your chain or your wheel. Needless to say they’re not high on the practicality stakes when it comes to bicycles, but if you’re like me nd don’t put much stock in practicality so long as you can rock it with conviction, here are two tried and tested solutions.

Option one: the skinny belt.
This one is my favourite of the two. Simply team your maxi with a skinny waist belt and when it’s time to ride off, pull the skirt of your dress (from the top, not the hem) up over the belt and let it hang down, creating what is best described as a peplum effect. This method is easily adjustable and slips are unlikely. When your journey is over, just pull the skirt loose by the hem to get back to floor length.

Option two: the cycle shorts.
If I’m not wearing leggings or tights I tend to don a pair of cycle shorts, which thanks to the 80s fashion revival are easily found almost anywhere. All this method involves is tucking the ends of your dress into the elastic at the bottom of the shorts. The result is best described as resembling a parachute dress. This is much less secure as when your legs move when cycling the skirt may come loose, but it supplements option one very well when it’s a more flowing skirt, or on a normal length skirt on a windy day!

Other ideas include using a strong safety pin to turn your skirt into a pair of trousers/shorts, but beware, this can come loose and end up with you picking your shredded skirt out of your chain!


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