Caped Crusader

There can be no doubt that once the showers set in, the best way to keep dry on a bicycle is with a cape. If your bike is fitted with mudguards (or fenders, depending where you’re from), you’re unlikely to get much splash from the wheels, and it is your lap and your shoulders that will take most of the rain. Luckily for us, capes are very now in A/W 2010, and even Vogue has tipped their hat to the trend: see Elle September 2010, August 2010’s Vogue US spread entitled “Caped Crusader“, Vogue Australia’s online lookbook from May 2010, and Vogue UK’s Catwalk Overview August supplement dedicating a double page to them.

You may remember my cape-finding mission from last Winter, and the resulting purchase of a blue belted cape from ASOS, but this year the mission lives on, and I have been combing the net for affordable, practical and chic capes to add to my cycle wardrobe. A simply search for the word “cape” on ASOS came up with a good selection, and after adding my favourite to my Wishlist and remembering my woe when last year’s duffel cape sold out, I have already invested in the khaki “Hooded Military Cape”, and despite its price tag, have no regrets so far.

More to follow.


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