Designers, heels and the LV Ladies..

What could possibly be more delicious than three supermodels in one room, surrounded by designer gear? For their Fall 2010 campaign, Louis Vuitton have gathered Christy Turlington, Karen Elson, and Natalia Vodianova for what is for me, one of the most exciting photo shoots since Cecil Beaton paid a visit to Ascot on the set of My Fair Lady. That said, between this campaign and FCUK’s This is the Woman/This is the Man, flicking through this season’s magazines has been positively thrilling. Should I be a little more remorseful at the thrill these adverts give me? Yes, probably. But my god I love these models.
DEI 440x285 F-AVIATOR2 GB:a Photographed by Steven Meisel for Louis Vuitton.
If you followed any of the LFW roundups, or are in any way aware of what the current Trends are (and I don’t mean trends in the way that Camden hipsters mean “trends”), you will be aware that fashion has suddenly become aware of Woman. As in Woman, meaning curves, full skirted dresses, chic heels and pearls. It’s retro, it’s vintage, it’s classy. It’s a reminder of a time when tiny waists and rounded hips were more desirable than a boyish figure, and when few things were more sensual than an exposed wrist or ankle. As a cyclist and an eternal adorer of dresses that reach my knees and knitted cardigans, I have also been reluctant to cease a long tradition of heel-wearing simply because my mode of transport has changed from a bus to a bicycle. Last year I wrote about The Comfort Heel, and my endless search for that perfect heel height, and now, thanks to Louis Vuitton, the work has remembered the joys of lady-like chic: heels that you can walk in all day. Heels that will be just as much at home in the office as at dinner, in a tea shop, or even for an evening out. Primark are currently jumping on the fashion bandwagon and are selling these LV-meets-Minnie-Mouse heels in a patent nude for a mere £10. And while I was there I picked up this pair of gorgeous vintage-style necklaces for a bit of loose change each. Now all we need is for them to lower their hemlines and the transformation can be complete.
lv lv2

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