I heart my… printed blog.

The other day, whilst wandering through Covent Garden between a matinee and evening show I stepped into a newsagents and discovered:

At £6.50, I Love You magazine doesn’t come cheaply but everything about it is sumptuous, from the paper its printed on to the photography matched with quotations from A Streetcar Named Desire or Catcher in the Rye. This is Issue 5, the Princess edition, and even my male colleagues in the crew couldn’t resist a flick through to inspect what they eventually remarked was in fact an Art magazine, not fashion at all.

Things that I love:

  • My blue 1978 Raleigh Traveller. Her name is Fly.
  • Light summer showers and Waterloo Bridge. I sometimes wonder if they’ll finish digging the bridge up so we can fully appreciate it.
  • GPC, my cat. That’s Gretchen Priscilla Cat officially, but it’s just “Cat” between friends.
  • Talking about the weather. But then not talking about the weather.
  • Tea dresses. And tea parties with cupcakes and board games.
  • Stolen moments and stolen glances.
  • Asking questions, no matter how silly. Someone’s got to ask them!
  • Discovering pretty or rare things tucked away in the heart of London: poems graffiti-ed in back alleys, forgotten market stalls…
  • The way that theatre comes together thanks to the many almost insignificant fragments that each of us contributes 8 times a week. And how sometimes I forget that the show’s even on – then I catch a glimpse of the audience and we recall our purpose.
  • Covent Garden: the cobbles, the market sellers, the buskers. Sometimes even the tourists.
  • Pancakes! Sweet or savoury, big or small.
  • My collection of Tatty Devine jewellery, including three of the limited edition Rob Ryan necklaces. Sigh.
  • Well, obviously, I love you too.

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