I heart my… business cards

fflaceComing to a bicycle near you! There are so many lovely bicycles out there, and what could be nicer than to come back to unlock and discover a token of appreciation? If you find one of these in your basket or your around handlebars, your bike has been spotted on the streets of London and will be featured on the blog!

Cards from goodprint.co.uk


5 thoughts on “I heart my… business cards

  1. They look amazing! Beautiful photo. Would love it if you could upload a picture to the wall of our fan page, we’re always keen for our customers to showcase they’re cards and designs.

  2. Love the idea of your business cards, what a wonderful way to use them! We’d like to feature this in our blog soon! Would that be alright? If so, could you just email me to let me know on nick@goodprint.co.uk.

    Many thanks,


    P.S- I can confirm that Ben is also from Goodprint (though it doesn’t show for some reason!) and please excuse his ‘mid morning’ spelling.

  3. I found one in the basket of my new bike the other day – it was only the second time I had ever ridden it (it was a present from my boyfriend after the birth of our daughter – aren’t I lucky!) and finding the card was intriguing and delightful. Thank you!

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