Cycling in…

….a mac trench coat?


Remember those H&M posters on the side of buses at the start of Autumn? The ones with the model in a lovely beige trench? Well I went out and bought it.
This particular trench isn’t lined, so isn’t great in the cold, but if you stick a woolly cardigan on underneath, you can keep warm without having over padded arms that won’t bend. Plus major bonus points: this coat has a hood and sleeves that are long enough to protect your wrists from the chill.
Things to remember though, firstly, this is very much an Autumn coat rather than a Winter one, and it’s not waxed, so in the rain you need to be prepared to get a little soggy. Even though it’s not a warm coat, if you’re cycling it keeps the cold off you without trapping all the heat in, so you can stay at a comfortable temperature.
And what could be more flexible than a plain mac?


Warmth: 2/5

Definitely need a good layer of insulation beneath.
Dryness: 3.5/5
More absorbent than is ideal, but handles light showers well.!
Practicality: 5/5
So easy to wear!

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