The highs and lows of design competitions

I’ve been branching out. My eyes have been opened to the world of Tumblr and so two things have happened: firstly, Furs, Flowers and Lace can now be found there. Secondly I have my own personal one, for pretty photos, touching messages and generally indulging in art and whimsy.
The FFandLace Tumblr will be a place for shared photos or links, so follow if you wish.

Here are two very different design competition entries, ‘Tunnel Taxi’ was for the New York Time‘s Taxis for the Future, and presents a very interesting idea of what is practical and safe, both for cyclists and other road users. I, for one, could not fathom a state of mind in which cycling down a tunnel taxi would seem like a sensible thing to do.


On the other hand, last year’s Seoul Cycle Design competition came up with some fantastic ideas. Everything from a bicycle for couriers, to the Market Bike, which resembles a supermarket trolley, and the super-chic Seoul Bike which is designed with a saddle like that on a horse and which could seat two. It’s well worth checking out the shortlist! This particular entry was brought to my attention by  , and gosh! What I would do to be able to cruise down the street on my very own bicycle-steed!


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