Helmet cameras

This morning I woke up and turned BBC breakfast on, as is now my daily routine as I prepare to leave for work, and was greeted by a news feature concerning cyclist helmet cameras. Now, recording the daily commute is hardly a new phenomenon amongst city cyclists, and even I flirted with the idea before dismissing it as too whimsical for my particular strain of cycling, but in the last week or so the spotlight has definitely been on the subject.
It was only last week that The London Cyclist wrote about “How a pro uses a helmet camera”, (Gareth Williams‘ silly-cyclist video charts are endlessly amusing and informative: follow the links on the article). The BBC’s feature included an account, and of course a video, from Ben Porter, a London cyclist with some worrying footage of how certain motorists really do behave towards cyclists. Fortunately these occurrences are rare, and I for one have never felt the need to record my journey, but when you can pick a camera up for as little as £50, the temptation (the curiosity!) can be strong.


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