The Bandwagon

During my hours trawling the few websites permitted to us by the network at the office I’ve been working at for the last couple of months, I came across one of my favourite things: the Helmet Debate. Personally, I don’t always wear a helmet because my route is 90% broad back streets with little to no traffic and few turns (so no tricksy corners with poor visibility). Plus I can’t deny that I like the wind in my hair.
On the whole, I do tend to carry a helmet with me anyway, simply because it means that I can pop it on if I feel the urge – particularly when I’m cycling in a new area.

If anything I would call myself pro-choice. I can see its benefits and also its down-sides, which, namely, to me, are to do with having a false sense of security and the fact that generally if a motorist thinks you to be more vulnerable they have notably been seen to allow you more courtesy. Not the most solid arguments, but one based on simple experience. Circumstances where I will reach for my helmet include questionable climates (rain/snow/fog), busy roads and new routes, other wise, I’d much rather take it easy, use a little more caution, and allow a cool breeze to reach my temples.

Have a look at these two pieces, and say what you think.

The Mary Poppins Effect @London Cyclist.
Cycle Helmets are a Personal Choice so get off the Tutting Bandwagon @The Guardian Bike Blog.

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