Must get ahead…

I’ve been thinking about “Must get Ahead”, which is a condition that many of the motorists that I know personally suffer from. Basically, it means that a particular motorist (as implied in the title), must get ahead, no matter how irrational – or impractical – this need is.
It shames me to say that my own Mother is one such motorist, and I tire of reminding her that the poor cyclist that she so desperately needs to get around (she claims they make her nervous) could very well be me. In London, I find that buses and taxis are the main culprits, and I’ve lost count of the number of times that a bus has pulled ahead of me only to immediately draw into a bus stop, sometimes putting me in danger as they swerve around and in front of me sharply. The solution? As many cyclists will say, it’s simply a case of owning the road. There’s a common misconception that bicycles belong in the gutter, trundling over drains, dodging parked cars and careless pedestrians. Not true.

I generally leave a good gap between myself and the curb to allow myself the space to dodge potholes and such without having to worry about erratic driving and not being sufficiently visible. And sometimes, it really is safer to just go straight down the centre of a lane.

I’ve mentioned Gareth Williams before [Helmet Cameras], and here’s a prime example of silly driving (and how to gently bring attention to it as you pedal past!).


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