“Why don’t you make your way there”

Lambeth you’ve never seen,
The skies ain’t blue, the grass ain’t green.
It hasn’t got the Mayfair touch,
But that don’t matter very much.
We play the Lambeth way,
Not like you but a bit more gay
And when we have a bit of fun
Oh, Boy.

Any time you’re Lambeth way,
Any evening, any day,
You’ll find us all
Doin’ the Lambeth Walk. Oi!

These wonderful bike stands were installed last year, and I have finally been able to find a moment to stride into the road and capture them. What a perfect way to welcome cyclists to the borough! These are to be found by Saint George’s Circus on Waterloo Road, and it;s great to see that Lambeth LBC is taking an interest in not only sprucing up the area (an activity play park for children has also been refurbished mere seconds away from this site), but in doings so in a practical way. Let’s hope to see more of this across London!

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