Food! Glorious food!

While I was at university,  I got a job ushering at the Novello Theatre across the road from my faculty building. That was about six years ago, and although I’ve dabbled with the rest of the West End, Covent Garden is where my heart is; the people are better dressed, better mannered, and simply less. Crowds can be so uncivilized.
Safely tucked away just to the side of the main tourist zone, there’s a real sense of community that escapes everything west of Charing Cross Road. Our local is like Cheers, everyone knows your name. And even though they’re not great for bicycles or heels, there’s just something quite charming about cobbles.

In the last few years summer has been heralded in our neighbourhood by the arrival of the weekly Covent Garden Food Market, presenting stalls selling everything from Venezuelan arepas to Bratwurst, fresh English beef or beautifully frosted cupcakes and gingerbread men.
So what’s for dinner? Paella? Or fresh gnocci with home made pesto washed down with home made apple juice?

Covent Garden Piazza, “Real Food Market”.

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