Locking up

gssGreat Suffolk Street, SE1.

About a third of the way along my daily route, I cycle down a short section of Great Suffolk Street which I fondly think of as the loveliest part of my journey. It is on this stretch of road that you will find delightfully smooth tarmac, a scattering of bunting and hanging baskets on storefronts, and the PlantLocks I mentioned in “Locks in Bloom” and “Flowers and D-Locks“. There is almost always a ladylike bicycle leaning against the wall opposite the local pub, The Libertine. All in all this is a very cycle-friendly patch of London, and even the local council buildings have joined in by providing the above bicycle lockers.

I’m sure that you too will have noticed the steady appearance of interesting new bike locks, I have managed to capture only a few, but this Going Going Bike have this week featured an article entitled “Bikeoff: a crime design dream” that explores how design is influencing how secure our bikes really are, and what they’re doing to change this.

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