Looking behind, looking ahead

I stumbled across “London Cycle Chic?” by Cycling London – Urban Commuting by Bike, and it raised some interesting points. Personally, I don’t think that Cycle Chic is necessarily a sunshine-only habit. I cycle throughout the year and don’t own a single pair of lycra shorts – which has never impeded me from riding rain or shine (or snow for that matter).

Since 2008 when the blog was posted, cycling has made enormous leaps and has been embraced as a practical way to get around. The emphasis has moved from zooming across town in tight shorts and HI-VIS jackets to appearances on film, tv and all over the press, of daintily dressed ladies with flowing locks and a soundtrack of Regina Spektor. Have you noticed how bicycles are now being propped up outside shops and restaurants to suggest welcoming rustic comfort? When you think of modern cyclists does the word aerodynamic come to mind, or do you think of vast d-shaped wicker baskets?

If you consider yourself a fair-weather cyclist, have a look at my previous posts in ‘A/W‘, ‘Cycling in…‘, and ‘How to…‘ for a little inspiration on how to prepare yourself for Autumn.

My personal tip for A/W cyclists is, of course, the cape: it keeps you dry and ventilated, what more could you ask for?


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