Cycling in…

…make up?

Through the years I’ve had to make a few changes to my make-up routine in order to ensure that my face survives a journey by bicycle, whether it by a sweltering summer afternoon, or a wet and wintery evening. There are certain fail-safes (few things are quite so resilient as Benetint, for example) that warrant no introduction, but here are some of my favourite products, that will survive almost anything.

So why these products?
At £23 Dr. Feelgood’s Lipscription doesn’t come cheap, but after you’ve buffed your lips with one tube you can apply the super thick lip balm and know that it will last you the whole trip, unlike some lip balms that tend to fade away after a few minutes. Equally, a good hand cream will stop your knuckles from drying out as they are subjected to direct headwinds.
Lush has created Charity Pot, a cocoa scented vegan hand and body lotion that is utterly guilt-free as 100% of the price (excluding VAT) is donated to various charities. And guess what? The miniature version is only £1 and can be popped into your handbag for a top up before the journey home too!
I stumbled across Jelly Flush at a discount shopping event, and haven’t looked back. Whereas most cream or tint blushes need to be carefully applied and blended to avoid overdoing it, Jelly Flush is sheer and dewy enough to simply whip out of your hand bag, apply, and blend without having to worry about finding a mirror.
The ultimate mascara is without a doubt Kanebo Sensai 38*C, which can be purchased at Harrods from £18. The miracle of this mascara is that it will budge only for warm water – at over 38 degrees, thus the name. Better still, you can say goodbye to panda eyes because rather than melting into all-too familiar mascara splodges when you attempt to remove it, the mascara simply peels away, each individual coating coming off once you wash your face under the warm water. One small tube will last a very long time, but if you need to switch to something a little more affordable, you can’t go wrong with the waterproof version of Maybelline Collosal One by One with its reassuringly chunky brush and a filter in the tube to remove any excess and prevent clumps.

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