[vb] to rejoice over a victory

Triumph bicycles make me smile. It’s in the name. There’s an air of beating down the tarmac, swatting away cars and and generally…. well, triumphing. This asparagus green roadster was right at home by the Cutty Sark in Greenwich – which is set to re-open next year after the fire in May 2007.

triumph2 triumph3 triumphGreenwich Village, SE10.

tri·umph  (trmf)

intr.v. tri·umphed, tri·umph·ing, tri·umphs

1. To be victorious or successful; win.
2. To rejoice over a success or victory; exult.
3. To receive honors upon return from a victory in ancient Rome. Used of a general.

1. The fact of being victorious; victory or conquest.
2. A noteworthy or spectacular success.
3. Exultation or rejoicing over victory or success.
4. A public celebration in ancient Rome to welcome a returning victorious commander and his army.
5. Obsolete A public celebration or spectacular pageant.

And don’t forget the Traffic Master spotted last Autumn.


One thought on “[vb] to rejoice over a victory

  1. the feeling of exultation and happiness derived from a victory or major achievement2. often foll by over to win a victory or control to triumph over ones weaknesses2.

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