wet wet wet

The last week has demonstrated a myriad of weather conditions; We’ve sweated in the muggy suffocation, we’ve indulged in summer sunshine, and we’ve dashed between awnings as the clouds finally break. On afternoons like we had yesterday, we need to ask ourselves how not to end up like this:

drenchedI managed to get indoors before the real downpour started, but this served me as a reminder that being prepared for the elements is no laughing matter.When it comes to staying dry, there really is nothing better than a good cape. Not one of these fashionable cropped capes that sit ineffectually over your shoulders, no, a proper cape with buttons or clasps to keep it pulled to over your knees.
Last winter I did a write up on Cycling in… a cape, and for a few more pointers on choosing your perfect cape – or even where to start looking for one – there’s plenty more in the tags.

And shhh! ASOS has slashed the price on their cotton hooded cape in this year’s sale.

2 thoughts on “wet wet wet

  1. Please check out my website. This is precisely why I went into business making fashion raincoats for women who ride upright bicycles. My average journey in and out of Cambridge is around 5 miles so I have experimented with a fair amount of alternatives but find nothing that quite suited the bill, I decided to create my own.

    I’ve come up with a coat which is long enough to keep your knees dry without getting caught in the back wheels. The coats are elegant and stylish to wear to any occasion. They’re made in a lightweight, high performance fabric which is breathable and windproof. They’re currently available in 4 beautiful bright colours (red, green, yellow and mauve) so that hi-viz clothing isn’t necessary and they have co-ordinating polka dot linings to make your rainy days even brighter!
    There is also the option of having integral & unique reflective embroidery on the cuffs, buttons and back belt.
    The coats are intended to be a reliable investment garment and are made in England.
    Please do take a look and let me know what you think.
    If you would like to see more pictures or have more details, please email me:- sally@cambridgeraincoats.co.uk .

    You’ll see I’m quite a fan of yours and regularly post your blog on the company’s facebook page:- http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Cambridge-Raincoat-Company-Ltd/119496104768724.
    You can also find me on Twitter, usually re-tweeting about cycle and style related matters but all sorts of other issues too:- http://twitter.com/#!/Cantala59

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