Green fingered

I’ll be honest, I’ve been cycling my daily commute for almost 3 years, and I’ve had my Raleigh ‘Fly’ since Novemeber 2009, and in all this time, I have never cleaned either of the two bicycles I have owned. It’s shameful, I know, but thanks to Green Oil, I have reformed my paltry ways.

The first thing that you need to know about Green Oil is that their entire ethos is based on sustainability: this means that the containers are bio oilrecycled (and recyclable!) and the products themselves are biodegradable. Now, I have never fully agreed with the notion that all cyclists are environmentalists, but given the choice, going green is only natural. With that in mind, when I came across Green Oil it seemed like the perfect reason to finally scrub down my bicycle and feel twice as good about it.

The website offers the environmentally savvy cyclist plenty to choose from, from basic cleaning and maintenance products, to tempting dynamo powered pedals that light up. I opted for the “Eco Rider Deluxe Set”, pictured above, which includes everything I needed to get started on pampering my bicycle for £34.99. My first impression was that the generous bottle of Green Clean smelled like fresh lemons, and as I spritzed, scrubbed and fumbled an attempt to clean my bicycle, I began to see results. The chain is brighter, the blue frame gleams without its usual smudges along the mudguards, and my sense of satisfaction could not be denied. Not only was I cleaning my bicycle after all this time, but I was doing so with a clear conscience.

Feeling rather pleased with myself, I finally attached the skirt-guard and sunflower garland that I had purchased on ebay and been waiting to put to use. So here she is, spruced and ready for summer, my dear old bicycle, Fly.

fly 2fly

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