Mobile Maintenance

When your bicycle breaks down you can’t always carry it to your favourite workshop for a facelift. Following my struggle for results with Evans Cycles, I discovered the London Bicycle Workshop near Chancery Lane, and was impressed with their top-notch work. I had known that various parts needed replacing and was willing to check Fly in to ensure the best results.

But now picture the scene: you’re on your way to work when disaster strikes…. you drag your bicycle onto the pavement, inspect the damage (inner tube/cables/brake pads…. could be anything). You complete the journey by carrying the bicycle the rest of the way and then what? If you don’t have a car you can’t drive your bike to the shop, and you’re not always near to one. It’s at times like these that mobile repair shops come into their own.

There are plenty of mobile mechanics to choose from but I have long been a fan of London based Cycledelik. They offer services by the grade depending on your need, starting with the Express at just £19.99. My usual mechanic is named Wiktor, and once a year or so he will text confirmation and pedal up on his customised frame, dreadlocks flowing, whether it be to the theatre where I work or to my house, and make my bike cruise like it’s 1978 and she’s fresh out the factory. When you’re at home you don’t feel the pressure of the usual bike shop. I don’t worry about being patronised for being in a dress, I don’t have to stand in front of a counter for half an hour trying to get anybody’s attention. I offer a cup of tea, usually declined, and we’ll chat about cycling for a bit before I retreat indoors to make my lunch.
If anything needs adjusting afterwards, you can get in touch with Cycledelik or your mechanic and presto, tweaked perfect!

To book an appointment with Cycledelik, visit their website.

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