A hop and a skip

I was on my way home when I spotted a skip that had appeared recently was overflowing with unwanted goodies. As we all know skips can often be treasure troves for those with little dignity, so I jumped off my bicycle and after despairing that the armchair I saw on the way to work was already gone, I found in its stead a little distressed white table which would be perfect in my bedroom. I’d been on the market for a bedside table and with its little gold rolling feet and chipped paintwork, I had struck gold! The difficulty of course, was getting it home, so I moved my handbag into the front basket and wove my scarf and a ribbon through the legs and around my read basket…. then cycled very carefully the rest of the way!



2 thoughts on “A hop and a skip

  1. Loving the dress guard on your Traveller bicycle. Where did you get it ? I really could do with getting one for the Triumph Trafficmaster 1980.

    Great find !

    I think the best thing I found on a skip was a ( bronze ) Camaro GT light touring racing bicycle from the mid 80’s. Found it at a critical time when I was sadly without a bicycle. I was working too at the time. I still have the Camaro GT now. I struggled with it’s five Huret gears ever since I found it, but earlier this year it visited JR Cycles in Norwood Junction and came back for the first time ever with 5 useable and fully engaging gears.

    Oh and the Hercules Compact came back today. He even got rid of the protrusion on the front rim that was rubbing. Fastly becoming an epic bicycle engineers shop for me. That man certainly knows his stuff.

    I think I will have to write a Review about this shop on yelp.com expostieriderjon


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