Tomorrow it will be two weeks on from the day of rioting that tore through London. Working two jobs means that I was blissfully unaware of the situation until I got to the theatre in the evening and we turned the news on; by then Peckham was already being set alight…. the first
of many devastating fires that evening. We climbed up to the roof and looked out at the plume of smoke rising from the south.

Thankfully I had my bicycle with me, meaning that I could slip out of the stage door and hurry home through abandoned back lanes with no shops to attract the thugs that were rampaging on the high streets. My journey was unremarkable. The short stretch of Waterloo Road and Great Dover Street down which I cycle were silent like a scene out of a zombie film. Quiet roads where I might usually pass pedestrians were empty.

I could have been less fortunate, Andrew Gillighan reporter for The Telegraph was dragged off his bicycle as he rode to the BBC studios, and the biker in this video fared no better.

It’s at times like these that you realise that little coincidences shouldn’t be sniffed at. On Sunday, rather than cycling home I left my bicycle at work and went to see a magic show in Baron’s Court instead, meaning that my bike wasn’t at home on Monday evening during the riots so that I didn’t have to get off at a bus stop where this was happening:

I usually have to walk through this car park to get home. On the other side of Tesco are Argos, Currys and JJB Sports…. another no-go safety zone. Hopefully you all stayed safe and didnt lose anything (or anyone) in the mayhem.

For more on how the cycle community was affected, read here.


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