360 degree visibility

As the days grow shorter it’s important to make adjustments to ensure that your cycle journey remains a safe one. This primarily means making sure that you are visible on the roads and the best way to do that is to invest in a decent set of lights. It is of course illegal to ride at night without both a white front light and a red rear light but it is doubly important to use them on cold dark nights when a vulnerable bicycle can blend into the night.

With this in mind, I jumped at the chance to try out the Bike Glow safety light, a light tube that is simply attached to your bike frame using cable ties and makes your humble bicycle look like it should be one of the vehicles in Disney’s Tron movies. There are eight colours to choose from, each of which has three light settings that allow you to choose between two flashing speeds and fixed on. I opted for a white light and had it all set up within five minutes – it’s always a plus when things don’t take too long to fix on!

 bikelite bikelite
Bike Lights are priced at $24.95 on the official website, but you can buy one at goinggoingbike for £19.99 or simply do a quick Google search for your nearest retailer.

For more tips on how to stay visible, dry and chic, check out my Manifesto.

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