Staying Dry

After our mini heatwave in the last couple of weeks it’s time to think about the opposite of April showers, and consider staying dry in Autumn. Thanks to the ladies who responded to ‘wet wet wet‘ in July I can share with you two companies that create beautiful waterproof coats for chic cyclists. Why make do with unsightly standard cyclewear or standard clothing that isn’t quite up to the job?

First up, it’s the Cambridge Raincoat Company, a home-grown design company that addresses the lack of functional coats for cyclists that don’t want to sacrifice in the style-stakes. The waterproof knee length coats come in red, green, mauve or yellow, with matching polka dot lining to stop the wind chills from filtering though. Plus if you opt in for the reflective embroidery you’ll be sure to be seen without the need for a hi-vis vest that may ruin your look. Get one here for £135 and ‘like’ the Facebook page for a peak at some more pictures.

Water Off a Duck’s Back has had a fair bit of attention recently (check out the review in The Guardian), and if you’re not feeling bold enough for a splash of colour then their black macs might be for you. The main difference is that this is a wrap coat, meaning that there are no buttons to hold the coat closed, just a belt at the waist, and rather than the optional hi-vis, each mackintosh comes with reflective strips that can be cunningly hidden and revealed as required by folding up/down the sleeves and collar, and turning the belt sash. Buy here for £130 in either black or stone and check out the recently launched Men’s version for £140.

woadb cambridge red
Left: Water off a Duck’s Back mackintosh in Black.
Right: The Cambridge Raincoat Company mackintosh in Poppy Red.

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