Hi-Vis and fabulous

Thanks to thrillingletters for putting me on the track of Vespertine, a New York company that makes fashion-forward HI-VIS vests out of sustainable materials, including polyester that is 100% recycled. Although in the UK only front and rear lights are required by law, additional precautions such as wearing a reflective vest can help to keep you visible – and thus safer – in the dark winter months.

The prices start at $92 (that’s £58.15 to you and me) for the tweed Sash-ay Scarf which can be worn as both a sash and a scarf. But why do something by half-measures? The Vespert vest comes in four colours which vary from £73.32 to £87.23, and it is undeniably fabulous. I don’t know about you, but I think I might start saving up for one….

vesperts 1 vesperts
Left: Vespert Sequins, $138.
Right:Rear view of Vespert Quick Silver Reversible, $138 ON SALE $86.

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