A rose by any other name

A rose by any other name A rose by any other name 2

spotted Lamb Street, E1.


Hi there,

You just featured my bike on your blog – A rose by any other name. Thank you, I love what you do!

My bike was bought from an East End retailer, not too expensive after the heartbreak of having a previous bike stolen, and I really wanted a ladies bike, something so classical about it and so many more fashion options 🙂

I’m originally from Oz and really got into bikes in Melbourne. They have a great community based around the BUG groups and Critical Mass.

We’ve converted a number of people riding around the east end and the city. Recently my sister was in town and we got her so excited about bikes she went back to Melbourne and bought a shiny red ladies bike and is now a complete convert!

My basket is a christmas present from my boyfriend a couple of years back and we found some of the flowers in Christiania in Copenhagen – the amazing anarchist state!
This spring we added more flowers and I just love my basket and my flowers.

My boyfriend and I love bike riding around London, especially on the weekends as the east end and the city are so quiet and you feel like everything is there, just for you! We also try to ride bikes whenever & wherever we travel and love riding in country lanes in the UK summer 🙂

Wish me luck, I’m going to attempt the London to Brighton bike ride next weekend!

Thanks again,

Thank you Jessie, it’s great to hear from other keen cyclists – especially ones that have been converting the masses to join our clan! East London is a buzzing cycle community, with everything from rusty old cargo bikes to sleek road bikes with polished frames. Each bike uniquely reflects their owners like the opening scene of Disney’s 101 Dalmatians! The lucious blooms on your basket caught my eye from a distance and I just had to skip down the street for a closer look. Good luck with your jaunt to Brighton – there’ll be some fabulous seaside vintage shops to look forward to at the end of a long ride. xxsooz


One thought on “A rose by any other name

  1. That’s my bike!!! So glad you like my flowers and thank you for leaving your lovely card in my basket. Love your blog! Jessie Macneil-Brown

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