Emmelle sounds like a chic French girl, and on a sunny day like today this frosted pink shopper bike is perfect for local jaunts… with its rear basket and vintage white saddle who can’t help but smile?



Spotted at Elephant and Castle, SE1.


Hi there,

I’m the owner of the pink shopper bike; “Emelle”.

Surprisingly enough, I have never been a particular fan of cycling. I come from Yorkshire which is ever so slightly hilly and as much as I loved the downhill rolling, I never had much enthusiasm for uphill cycling… However, I couldn’t help myself when I found this two-wheeled beauty in a Brick Lane warehouse for only £30. There was a strong possibility, as with most of my spur of the moment purchases, that it would become a permanent fixture in my flat. I took it out for a spin on a sunny day though and realised I actually quite enjoyed cycling! It’s nice to get out of the dismal underground and see some real sunlight.

I usually wear a pair of patterned leggings and a jumper. I have a striking high-vis jacket for evenings and have recently acquired multi-coloured ‘spoke beads’ and a shiny new bell. If it didn’t already look like I had stolen a children’s bike, it definitely will now.

On the day you spotted my bike I was planning on cycling to Oxford Circus and doing a bit of window shopping. I haven’t quite got the hang of navigation skills yet though and I managed to end up at Elephant and Castle instead (I’ve no idea how; crossing the river South-bound really should have been a giveaway). I’m sad to say that I gave up at this point and took the tube to Oxford Circus. I was very disappointed in myself and could not enjoy window shopping at all, especially shopping without a shopper bike. But coming back to find a friendly card on my basket made my detour a bit more worthwhile.

I usually only use my bike to cycle to nearby shops and cafes but my goal is to cycle to and from my university by the end of this year. That’s 32.6 miles all together. That may not sound too horrendous but with my navigation skills it could turn out to be a much longer trip.

Lovely blog, thanks for the card!

Hi Isabelle, I’m glad you eventually made it to Oxford Street – at least it wasn’t raining that day and it meant that I got to spot your bike! Wowee 32.6 miles sounds like a long trip to make every day, but that’ll definitely be a good way to keep fit and cycling is a great opportunity for some Me Time too. We’re lucky in London because it isn’t too hilly so you can concentreate on staying safe and enjoying the ride rather than panting your way up a mountainside on the way to work! xxsooz


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