Feels Like It

“I actually own a bicycle, have done for years. I can’t ride it safely anywhere around here… and I worked out that not being able to tell where sound is coming from just makes it even more unlikely I could bear taking it on the roads in this crazy place (again). It’s highly annoying. If I want to go on a safe bike ride, I’d need to take trains/buses and hire a bike. But then I come against the ‘lol that bloke is doing stuff all by himself’ thing. I might actually LIKE doing stuff by myself, but apparently it’s a deviant crime in this society – or feels like it.”

– cpn_jacksparrow @Livejournal

I love to go to the cinema and theatre on my own, but once I had dinner alone and the couple on the table next to mine kept looking over their shoulders at me with distinct expressions of sympathy. Spoilt my dinner!

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